THE tool for improved cycling infrastructure!

The RADar! reporting platform is a web-based planning and citizen participation tool by Climate Alliance. RADar! offers municipalities and their inhabitants optimal opportunities to further promote cycling in their municipality together.

Cyclists draw municipal authorities’ attention to problematic and/or dangerous places along cycle routes via the RADar! app or online: they simply position a pin on the street map and provide a brief explanation of the reason for their report. This is automatically forwarded to the responsible municipality, which can then take the appropriate action.

The tool has been developed as part of the CITY CYCLING campaign by Climate Alliance during which hundreds of municipalities and tens of thousands of cyclists campaign for sustainable mobility.

Which municipalities are offering RADar!?

The RADar! municipalities in overview:

Citizen participation with RADar!

Overview of the report pins

Positioning colour-coded pins on a street map allows cyclists as well as those responsible at the municipality to gain – and retain – an overview.

The different processing statuses and their significance:

Red pin

Reports that have not yet been processed and/or are new

Yellow pin

Reports that are currently being processed

Green pin

Reports that have already been processed

White pin

Neutral reports that cannot be processed

Thumbs up pin

Positive reports – the ‘Like’ button for your municipality!