THE tool for improved cycling infrastructure!

When broken glass or tree roots leave you swerving, poor lighting makes cycling at night unsafe or cycle routes suddenly end, RADar! can help. Citizens report issues by dropping pins directly on a digital map so that their municipality knows exactly where it needs to take action. And municipalities are able to publicly inform cyclists about improvements.

How RADar! works

For cyclists

1. Register

Use RADar! to actively help improve the cycling infrastructure in your local area.
Simply log in with your CITY CYCLING account or click here to register.

2. Report

Use the CITY CYCLING app, RADar! app or website to submit reports quickly and easily: Simply drop a pin on the map and add a brief description; photos can also be added as desired – and that’s it!

Reports can be submitted for all municipalities offering RADar! – so if they’re marked in red on the map.

3. Exchange

RADar! allows you to get in touch with the municipality quickly and easily and to help improve the local cycling conditions together!

For municipalities

1. Register

An authorised individual from the municipal administration books RADar! via the website or while registering for CITY CYCLING and sets the reporting period.

2. Edit

When cyclists submit reports, the responsible municipal office automatically receives email notifications. The processing status of all reports can be made publicly visible and comments added. The processors and reporters are always kept up to date on the progress of processing.

3. Improve

Targeted measures can be implemented to improve the local cycling infrastructure by means of a dialogue with cyclists.

Why should municipalities offer RADar!?

1. Involve citizens

Invite cyclists to actively suggest improvements to the infrastructure – they know exactly where these are needed.

2. Improve cycling infrastructure

Use RADar! in addition to existing measures to draw on cyclists’ experience.

3. Prioritise reports

Process reports according to their urgency. Cyclists can confirm or comment on reports already submitted.

4. Encourage an exchange

Municipalities can view and process all reports and contact the person who submitted the report to request further information or thank them.

5. Tap into synergies

CITY CYCLING municipalities can use RADar! as a free planning and citizen participation tool during their local campaign. Allowing the promotion of cycling to be combined with improving the cycling infrastructure.

6. Long-term planning

Coordinators can access the report management interface for one or three years, depending on the option booked. Use the tool as an information portal for implemented and planned measures.