RADar! for cyclists

Is a cycle route’s surface damaged? Is the routing unclear? Would additional bicycle storage facilities be beneficial?

Use RADar! to get in touch with the municipality quickly and easily and help to improve the local cycling conditions!

Here’s how it works!

Use your CITY CYCLING account to log in immediately or register separately for the RADar! website.

Either use the address field in the login area or simply drop a pin on the RADar! map to submit a report. Adding a photo and brief description in addition to the exact reason for your report gives the municipality a good overview of the need for action. Click on “Submit report” and then you’re done! Use the search function to check whether your town, city, municipality or district is offering RADar! You can submit reports wherever the map is red.

The municipality will now process your report. The reporter will be informed via email of the report’s status at each processing step.

Please note:

Only registered users are able to submit reports! You can register now or use your existing CITY CYCLING account to log into RADar! Cyclists are able to submit reports for any municipality with an active RADar! reporting period (marked in red on the map)


RADar! registration for cyclists

Also in the CITY CYCLING app

Submit reports via smartphone

It’s particularly easy to submit RADar! reports via the free CITY CYCLING app.

The CITY CYCLING campaign by Climate Alliance is today one of the largest cycling campaigns and helps to promote the use and spread of the RADar! reporting platform.

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Which municipalities are offering RADar!?