CITY CYCLING – a cycling campaign
for municipalities

CITY CYCLING – the campaign for citizen participation

Cycling for a better climate!

What use is the best tool if nobody has heard of it and no one uses it? The CITY CYCLING campaign allows municipalities to raise awareness for sustainable mobility and at the same time promote RADar!

CITY CYCLING is a campaign by Climate Alliance to promote cycling. Municipalities (e.g. towns, cities, communities, rural districts/regions) worldwide are invited to participate in the campaign on 21 consecutive days between 1 May and 30 September 2021. The campaign enables municipalities to promote cycling, foster climate protection and enhance the quality of life for everyone.

Municipalities are able to achieve multiple goals at once with CITY CYCLING, as the campaign offers a tool to facilitate communication, planning and citizen participation.

The campaign aims to motivate citizens to use their bicycle in their everyday lives, and to increasingly raise bicycle usage and cycle traffic planning as an issue on the agendas of local parliaments. As the local decision-makers for cycling infrastructure, local politicians should “experience” first-hand in the truest sense of the word what it means to cycle in their own municipality, and contribute and implement measures to improve the situation for cyclists. What’s more, politicians should be made aware of and use their role model function to encourage cycling by setting a positive example.

How the campaign works:

The CITY CYCLING campaign is designed as a competition to promote cycling with fun and enthusiasm: the most active local parliaments and municipalities are sought, as are the most active teams and cyclists in the municipalities themselves.

Members of local parliaments are invited to form teams with citizens and to compete to top the leader board. During the 21 consecutive days, as many journeys as possible should be covered by bike – for both private and professional purposes. School classes, clubs, organisations, companies, citizens, etc. are also all invited to form teams.

During the three-week campaign period, cyclists record the climate-friendly kilometres they cover in the online cycle log available on, which is a web-based database for logging the kilometres cycled. Alternatively, they can use the CITY CYCLING app with its integrated RADar! function. The results of each individual team and municipality are published on the campaign website to enable a comparison of teams within the municipality as well as between the different municipalities and to provide added motivation. At the end of the campaign season, Climate Alliance awards prizes to the top three municipalities in several different categories. The municipalities are also encouraged to acknowledge the best cyclists and/or teams locally.

CITY CYCLING and RADar! – the perfect pair!

The CITY CYCLING campaign and RADar! reporting platform are the ideal tools to enable citizens and local parliaments to work together to promote cycling locally. Citizens are able to get involved in further development of their municipality via the CITY CYCLING app, RADar! app or their PC at home. Want to learn more about the CITY CYCLING campaign? Then visit the CITY CYCLING website.

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